We’ve Come This Far By Faith
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Mail: TRDudley@aol.com?cc=CEO@trdudley.com&subject=Silvy's Scrapbook: Footprints Submissions&body=INSTRUCTIONS: Attach single  image of article qualifying as a family footprint - a keepsake of a significant event in the life of a desdendant of Silvy.  It might be a newspaper article, photo, public document, etc. of from long ago, preferably before 1960, though I will consider others.  Be sure to describe the "footprint" in detail by providing name(s) of family member(s), date, location and significance of the event. I must be able to locate the subject individual(s) in the family tree before using the submission. 1934 Yearbook 1938 Yearbook 1961 Scholarship 1-2 1961 Scholarship 2-2 ..... ..... .....