Corporal Vaughan H. Whitworth We’ve Come This Far By Faith

Military Dudley, Kevin 00.jpg

Kevin Rayford Dudley

Military Mauney, Robert Jr 01.JPG

Robert A Mauney Jr

Military Stowe, Grier Sr 01.jpg

Grier Stowe Jr

Military Whitworth, Alva 01.jpg

Alva O. Whitworth

Military Whitworth, Clifton 01.jpg

Clifton B Whitworth Jr

Military Whitworth, Vaughan 01.jpg

Vaughan H Whitworth

Honor Roll
Military Brooks,Dories 1932-1953.JPG

Dories William Brooks

Military Grigsby, Donald Dixon 01.jpg

Donald Dixon Grigsby

Military Grigsby, Jefferson 01.jpg

Jefferson E Grigsby Jr

Military Grigsby, Jefferson Sr 1st Lieutenant 01.jpg

Jefferson E Grigsby Sr

Military Pressley, John 01.jpg

John Pressley

Military Rice, Price Colonel  01.JPG

Price D Rice

Military Borders, Robert Maurice.JPG

Robert M Borders

Military Bridges, Jerald M.JPG

Jerald M Bridges

Military Knox, David Allen.JPG

David A Knox

Military Mangum,Tianika.JPG

Tianika Mangum

Military Roberts, Gracie V.JPG

Gracie V Roberts

Military Roberts, James L.JPG

James L Roberts

Pfc William Dories Brooks, Jr. Sergeant David Allen Knox Lieutenant Price D. Rice Footprint Roberts,Benjamin Enlistment Record 01.jpg

Cpl Benjamin Roberts

Submit Photos

Mail:'s Scrapbook: Military Photo Submissions&body=INSTRUCTIONS: Attach single  photo of family members in uniform, i.e. one military photo per email with description of photo contents - name (be sure to provide maiden name of females), military branch, rank, service record (if known) and year photo taken. Optionally you may attach images of medals, commendations, etc. the person received. Adding date-of-birth, date-of-death and hometown is also recommended alongh with the name of the person's father and/or mother connected to to the famly tree.