WARNING: If you are eighteen years of age or older, click anywhere on the scrapbook cover to begin. If you are not yet eighteen, get permission from a parent or guardian before continuing.  There are no raw, brutal images shown on my web pages, but there are many such images depicted on some of the remote websites linked.  My aim is not to shock or offend, but to cite the hostile realities of southern life that I stumbled upon during my research of ancestors and their contemporaries.  Some of those citations are, indeed,  horrific.  However, the eight prior scrapbooks would not be complete without this final collection of bookmarks detailing the background, and all too often,  the foreground of African-American life in inhospitable southern and mid-western settings.  There is little question those experiences left many of us with varying degrees of scars and bitterness, both physical and emotional.   I am very thankful for the protections and Christian teachings of mentors that gave me the where-with-all to both survive and to develop meaningful outlets such as these websites as a way of resolving personal demons by celebrating those good people, black and white, who valued personal integrity and morality above all, who opposed racist demons in league with the devil and who mitigated the sufferings of African-Americans who experienced unending hardships as a result of racial oppression.


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