The Ledfords
Boyhood Friends and Mentors of the Sarah’s Grandchildren

William Ledford, 1832 - xxxx

Isaac Ledford , 1833 - xxxx

And Black Confederates

Daniel Brooks, 1837 - 1933

Milford Brooks, 1833 - c1863

  William Ledford and his younger brother, Isaac Ledford, were childhood friends of free African-Americans Milford and Daniel Brooks, grandsons of mulatto bond-servant Sarah Brooks (c1787-c1842). Daniel credited one of the two brothers with secretly teaching him to read and write in the 1840’s. It was then against the law for African-Americans to read and write, so the Ledford boy and Daniel hid to avoid detection.  In May 1861, neighbors and lifelong friends, William Ledford, Daniel Lattimore and Daniel Brooks enlisted together in Company D of the 15th North Carolina Regiment in Shelby. They were subsequently transferred to Company B of 49th NC Regiment in January 1863. Lt. Daniel Lattimore died in combat in 1864 during the siege of Petersburg. Cook and wagon driver Daniel Brooks was mustered out with illness in January 1865. William Ledford was with  his unit at Appomattiox when the surrender occurred in April 1865.

    Though I am not looking for any particular Ledford records, it would be great to hear from Ledford descendents with or without Brooks folklore to share.  I would really like photos of William and Isaac Ledford to post on my Brooks website if they exist.          


Brooks Chapel

Lattimore House