Nine of the ten scrapbooks accessible from my home page were scripted for specific, though relatively narrow audiences and interests. The tenth, immediately below the Foreword button, was a final inspiration targeting the widest possible general audiences.  It is the one scrapbook that you should browse if none of the others interest you. Entitled Americana Black, it demonstrates the discrepancies between what America historically was told about its black populations and what it should have been told. It is the reality of black character as exemplified by my family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances as opposed to the absurd black caricatures that national, regional and local scribes, historians and journalists, under the thumb of white supremacists, persistently and dishonestly broadcast over American landscapes.  

   That scrapbook, Americana Black,  is simply a collection of anecdotal facts and photos of individuals mined from the nine other scrapbooks. Its storyboards are punctuated with my comments about aspects of American culture that contrast two very different routes to the American Dream - the paths of white power and privilege versus the paths of black burden and betrayal. In the end, the scrapbook attempts to bring into a clearer perspective white narcissism and indulgence versus black character assassination and repression and the African-American experience dealing with those polar-opposite forces in a way that can bring the races together. Hopefully, it exposes the power of media to harm by propagating the many disingenuous lies and distortions of the past as well as its power to heal by simply reporting and celebrating truth with integrity. This scrapbook is, by design, open-ended, a work-in-progress that should grow over time, as there are many, many more African-Americans and socially liberal whites with noteworthy resumes that I personally encountered while constructing the nine other scrapbooks. Saturday Evening Post, Collier’s, Look, Life and other popular magazines, along with Hollywood. Madison Avenue and the military, whitewashed their bogus versions of the Americana tapestry by methodically editing out images of such black individuals and discarding them on their cutting room floors, so I now show the materials recovered from their discarded heaps. Welcome, America, I proudly present Americana Black.

     Thomas Reginald Dudley

Publisher, Editor and Webmaster