The seeds for these websites were sown almost forty years ago as my maternal grandmother, beaming with pride, shared folklore her free African-American heritage. The story of her free great-grandmother, in a monogamous relationship with a slave on a nearby plantation in Rutherford County, North Carolina was the most enthralling.  The rumor that tennis great, Arthur Ashe, was a descendant intrigued me. Research of her folklore began in 1998, exposing a gold mine of family folklore, footprints, facts and photos that clearly warranted  websites to avail entire families of such precious information.     

    Since 1998,  as I  researched my ancestors’ folklore and genealogy, I learned of friends and neighbors of theirs, some black, some white, whose lives were as noteworthy and compelling as those of my forebears. Accordingly, I recorded and filed their sketches of black village history alongside my family genealogy. I soon realized the resulting scrapbooks, each presented herein, whether genealogy or history, were not separate. They were eerily similar chapters of the same saga featuring different personalities with different perspectives in different postal zones with a common will and determination to survive in the hostile, repressive, sometimes terrorist, American south where African-American character and culture incubated. It is a saga revealing that the dominant white supremacist culture, flouting affirmative action, political correctness and a myriad of other injustices and cruelties to benefit whites, persistently sabotaged the very survival, natural development and healthy maturation of the black family and culture from the very beginnings of our Republic.

   My scrapbooks are the partially recovered historical record of a single family out of thousands of frivolously ignored and maliciously discarded black family histories deemed counter-strategic to hypocritical, contrived, but officially sanctioned, southern self-portraits artfully crafted for mainstream media, school textbooks and library readers to “spin” the inhumane savagery of white supremacy. Such black stories, if revealed to the public, would have exposed the absurd lies of evil, self-serving slavers, Klanners, segregationists, politicians and current-day demagogues like Rudy Giuliani asserting that African-Americans were then and are now entirely responsible for their negative, one-dimensional, outlier imagery and, therefore, for knee-jerk reactions to that imagery by brain-dead racists in positions of power exhorting unjust law, vigilante terrorism, police brutality and jury nullification to condone the continuing brutality of African-Americans. That is like irresponsible, testosterone-laced fraternity members asserting that females are responsible for their own rapes because some of them, such as strippers and pole dancers, wear provocative outfits and perform sexy dances. Such outrageous reasoning is pretext for continuing the unprovoked and unjustified butchery of African-American innocents by crazed social conservatives that started with the christening of black slavery by claiming God’s blessing as they entered into pacts with the devil that still transcend their culture. Whereas members of the white race are judged based on individual or clan actions vetted in sincere, if imperfect, searches for culpability (if only when their victims are also white), entire groups and communities of innocent African-Americans have been judged and summarily enslaved, massacred, terrorized, expelled, jailed, executed, red-lined, dis-enfranchised, burned out and eminent-domained by unscrupulous whites with total impunity based solely on the broad brush of false, negative imagery painted by a hostile, greedy, white supremacist culture that continues to endorse white fanatics acting on unfounded myth about blacks while completely ignorant of the humanity of black culture as exemplified in these ten scrapbooks, .

     These scrapbooks are recovered “smoking guns” out of many thousands of, as yet, unretrieved  “proofs” that evil power brokers hid from the public for centuries while selectively engraving and celebrating memory of their own wealth-accumulating ancestors as heroes, patriots and gods despite them being, first and foremost, racist traitors to both Christian and constitutional principles. Such “heroes” committed sins of kidnapping, torture, murder, greed and lust against black people on massive scales while one white conservative generation after another hypocritically boasted of the benefits of freedom, fairness and democracy to the human condition. Incredibly, many twenty-first century Americans continue to preach the contradictory principles that fair, democratic governess, justice and personal freedom predictably results in the empowerment, uplift and civic responsibility of white people while the exact opposite policies - racism, terrorism, injustice and dictatorship - have no bearing on lingering anger, poverty and other disaffections of black people. Irrational social conservatives argue that fair treatment made all the difference with the white experience but that, on the other hand, persistent abuse and injustice have nothing to do with black frustration, resentment and mistrust of clumsy, white authoritarian overreach. They stupidly insist that blacks show the same affinity and affection as whites for public institutions that have abused blacks for the the benefit of whites for hundreds of years. You may learn about my African-American ancestors who were free, God-fearing, blue-collar patriots who were harassed nonetheless by social conservative neighbors. You may read about unheralded southern social liberals bold enough to thwart mean-spirited neighbors from taking full advantage of black codes stripping so-called free African-Americans of basic human defenses against predatory whites. Or you may read about slaves who knew only abusive servitude to whites their entire lives and, tragically, continued in that role after freedom because they had been prepared for nothing else - perverse and inhumane, but perfect, examples of Stockholm syndrome which apologists for slavery now use to diminish that system’s abuses. Select and browse those scrapbooks that interest you and alternately weep for joy and sorrow as I did as I uncovered the bittersweet realities of my family genealogies and village histories that their tormentors suppressed while praying and preying before an un-Christian, pathological god to advance first, barbaric slavery, then, traitorous rebellion, next, terrorist Jim Crow, then, discriminatory segregation and finally, socially conservative political parties which were little more than politically-correct, social engineering, blood-letting conspiracies designed to transfer wealth to whites at all levels of an un-democratic social monopoly designed to preserve excessive, ill-gotten, power and treasure for white top-feeders. In the end, however, white supremacist “generals” such as Nathan Bedford Forest, “Bull” Connor and James K.Vardaman and their armed infantries of vigilantes - military, police, and civilian - failed to defeat the indomitable spirit of our religious, hard-working, conservative forebears, village elders and their friends, true heroes and patriots both black and white, who nurtured and defended the African-American generations. We are the proof of that failure as these scrapbooks revealing my family genealogy and village history will show.

Thomas Reginald Dudley

Publisher, Editor and Webmaster