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Folklore is often the very first clue or “dot”  to begin recovering your African-American history. Without corroboration, folklore is little more than an anecdote  akin to fiction. While it should not be taken at full face value, it should never, never be discounted until proven false. It does not always prove to be entirely true as it is often a frustrating mixture of decayed truth (facts lost) and/or embellished truth (fiction added). To get at the heart of folklore, one must search for other “dots” of family folklore and public records. Your grandparents’ tales may come easy, while those of their siblings and cousins are usually much harder to obtain. Certain public records are even rarer, particularly for African-Americans, whether  slave or free.  But as you find these dots, you will likely make connections suth that your history becomes clearer.  Below are results of some of my completed searches and a few of the mysteries still remaining. Perhaps someone reading this will provide a “dot”.

Thomas Reginald Dudley

Connecting The Dots

Lily Brooks Whitworth

1893 - 1986

Dixon/Whitworth Surnames

Whitworth,CB  Whitworth-Dixon Surnames 1.JPG Dixon,Franklin 1.JPG 1888 Marriage Whitworth, George 1.jpg Whitworth,Lily BROOKS -  William Isaac Brooks DOT 1 1.JPG Whitworth,Lily BROOKS -  William Isaac Brooks DOT 2 1.JPG

Mine Drownings

Indian/Union Soldier Heritage

Whitworth,Lily - Indian Ancestry DOT1 1.jpg
Source - Black Confederate 2.JPG 1942_Newspaper Davis,Sara Brooks - Black Confederates.JPG

Black Confederates

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Sarah Brooks’ slave partner

Sara Brooks Davis

1888 - 1974