1790 - 2012
1808 Court Document

1808 Court Deposition

Sarah Brooks



1854 Deed

Nathaniel Brooks

1873 Tombstone  Clark,Dorcas 1.jpg

1873 Tombstone

Dorcas Clark

1886 Tombstone Brooks, Jerry 1.jpg

1886 Tombstone

Jerry Brooks

1915 Birth Whitworth,Clifton 1.jpg

1915 Birth

Clifton Bruce Whitworth Jr.



1888 Marriage Whitworth, George 1.jpg

1888 Marriage

George Whitworth & Elizabeth Webber

1914 Marriage Whitworth,Lily 1.jpg

1914 Marriage

Lily May Brooks & Clifton Bruce Whitworth

1873 Marriage

Winnie Brooks &

John Dunaho

1873 Brooks,Winnie & Dunaho,John 1.jpg
62030x Brooks,Luther WWII Helmet 1.JPG

1918 Military Helmet Private Luther W. Brooks

US Army 802nd Inf  Co C

World War I

1898 Discharge - Ashe,Elijah 1.jpg

1898 Hospital Discharge

Elijah Ashe

1905 Tombstone - Ashe,Elijah 1.jpg

1905 Tombstone

Elijah Ashe

USCT 4th Inf  Co F

Arlington National Cemetery

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1953 Purple Heart

Dories William Brooks

1953 KIA Brooks, Dories William 1.jpg 1942_Newspaper

1942 Newspaper

Rev. Daniel Brooks

1935 Graduation

Gwendolynn Whitworth

1935 Diploma Whitworth,Gwendolynn 1.jpg

1937 Train Pass

Whitworth Kids

1937 TrainPass Whitworth, Bruce 1.jpg 1943 DraftCard Whitworth, Vaughan 1.jpg

1943 Draft Card

Vaughan Whitworth

1996 Monument

Arthur Ashe Jr.

1996 Memorial Arthur Ashe 1.JPG

2012 Gold Medal

Vaughan Whitworth

2012 Gold Medal.gif

1958 School Incident

Vernon Dudley

1958 Incident Dudley,Vernon 1.jpg

1972 Airplane Trip

Lily Brooks Whitworth

1972  Airplane Oliphant,Stephanie 1.jpg

1995 Train Wreck

Gwendolynn Whitworth Dudley

1995 TrainWreck Dudley,Chickie 1.jpg

1966 Sports Illustrated

Arthur Robert Ashe

1966 Sports Illustrated Cover - Arthur Ashe 1.jpg

1967 Teacher Elected Glendell Brooks

1967 Teacher Assignment - Glendell Brooks 1.JPG

1961 Scholarship Thomas Dudley

1961 Scholarship 1-2 1.jpg 1961 Scholarship 2-2 1.jpg