Military Dudley, Kevin 00.jpg Military Whitworth, Alva 01.jpg Military Brooks,Dories 1932-1953.JPG Military Grigsby, Jefferson Sr 1st Lieutenant 01.jpg Military Pressley, John 01.jpg Military Grigsby,Eugene 1.jpg Military Whitworth, Clifton 01.jpg G04W Brooks,Daniel 1837-1933 1.jpg
G05W Brooks,Luther Wilbur 1.jpg Military Airman Vernon Gray Dudley c1960 1.jpg Mail: Military Photos&body=If have have digital images of living or deceased  Brooks relatives in the miliitary that you would like added to this website, please attach to this email and send to me. Pictures in unform are preferred. Be sure to describe the person, rank, branch of service and any special awards such as the Purple Heart, etc. 

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“Though their country was unwilling to defend them, these men proudly defended their country”