* Reprinted from The Roanoke Valley War Memorial

Eugene Warsenure Williams

May 21, 1924 - 1949 

From Roanoke. Graduated from Hampton Institute, then joined the Air Force. His older brother, Leroi, also attended Hampton Institute and joined the Air Force. Leroi was killed in a plane crash during World War II. After Leroi's death, "Eugene told his mother that upon graduation from college, he wanted to enter the U.S. Air Force, become a pilot and complete the mission of his deceased brother. Mrs. Williams, a deeply religious woman, with the help of God, gave him her blessings to fulfill his dream." Williams experienced engine failure and crashed in Dusseldorf, Germany. Like his brother, he was 24 when he died. Survived by his mother, Cordelia Shelton Williams; sisters, Virginia W. Kent and Geraldine W. Twitty; brothers, Harold and James. Buried in Williams Memorial Park in Roanoke. 

-- Submitted by a friend of the family, Sallye Coleman of Roanoke.ke

Tuskegee Airman

3332nd Fighter Group

Eugene Warsenure Williams

1924 - 1949

Lucy Addison High School of  Roanoke, Virginia

Class of 1942

1st Lieutenant Eugene W. Williams

332nd Fighter Group

United States Army Air Corps